New China MMO stats

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Apr 092009
  • 63% growth in 2008
  • $2.8b in revenue
  • Six operators brought in more than $200m last year…
  • …but each of them tended to have just one title that did it for them
  • Social networking continues to grow there (55m users) and cross-pollinate with games

Top games in terms of concurrency:

  • Netease’s Fantasy Westward Journey : 1,800,000 concurrent users.
  • Giant’s Zhengtu Online : 1,500,000 (this is the one that’s controversial for its “gambling” nature)
  • Tencent’s Dungeon and Fighter: 1,200,000 (see here, sidescroller)
  • Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: 1,000,000

from China’s MMO market to hit $5.5b by 2012 // News.

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  1. Always interesting since so many just blindly assume its all WoW or nothing.

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  3. Netease has always been a heavy hitter with titanic numbers of players online concurrently. The latest online chapter in the above mentioned ‘Fantasy Westward Journey’ – this time in 3D – went live a couple of weeks ago :

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