The smoke does help some things

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Oct 262007

The moon over Rancho Bernardo

This links to a 1280×720 pic for anyone who wants it as a widescreen wallpaper…


So this is the moon over Rancho Bernardo tonight. You can see where there is an absence of lights right below the hills; that is where the fire came through.

  6 Responses to “The smoke does help some things”

  1. Looks like a glowing pearl on a sandy beach at night… Very beautiful!

  2. Pliny’s last moonlight!

  3. I can’t decide if it’s eerie or beautiful. I’ll say… errieful! 🙂

  4. Hey Raph. We live in Escondido and were on standby to evacuate for 3 days. What a terrible nightmare. From the sound of things, your family and home are fine. So are we. Thank the gods for that.

  5. The effort out there by so many people has been inspiring. Remarkable.

  6. Wow… stunning shot man… quite an epilogue.

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