Welcome to Raph Koster's personal website: MMOs, gaming, writing, art, music, books.
Welcome to Raph Koster's personal website: MMOs, gaming, writing, art, music, books.



I play guitar in a folk/singer-songwriter style. When I was a kid I grew up with this sort of stuff, and after wandering through jazz, art rock, and blues infatuations as a listener, I eventually returned to it (though I still enjoy the others, of course).

As a kid I had recorder lessons, and I sang in school things as a choir leader. But it never really felt like a passion until I hit high school and started listening to music in earnest. I was always attracted to good lyrics, and singer-songwriter stuff is one of the few places to find them. Once I got to college, I took up the acoustic guitar and taught myself how to play.

I also got into the folk scene, made friends there, attended Kerrville Folk Festivals, and wrote my own material.

My greatest regret about my job is that it doesn't leave me enough time for my music. But I do regularly post new stuff up on the blog in the Music category.

Some stuff to listen to:

I.E. In Other Words (unreleased fingerstyle acoustic CD)

"Bicycles in January"

"The Knyghte's Daliaunce"





"Pick 'Em All Up"

"Son De Don Con"

"Spring Break"

"The March of the Elephants"

"This Don't Groove"

Longitude (unreleased full band CD)


"Feel the Slide"

"Variations on Longitude"

New material

"Carry the Message"

"Up Near Witch Creek"

"Market" -- an orchestral piece

"She Walked"

From the vaults

"Piano Sonata in F Maj." -- done as a college composition piece

"Gloria" -- from The Land of Red Barns

Child's Play

A Theory of Fun
for Game Design

Cover of A Theory of Fun



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After the Flood

Cover for After the Flood CD

Available on CD

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Gratuitous Penguin 2006 Wall Calendar

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